Univerzity, se kterými jsem měl možnost spolupracovat jako lektor nebo kouč


Pravidelné schůzky s koučem mi pomáhají udělat si pořádek v myšlenkách, strukturovat úkoly a činnosti z hlediska relevance a časového horizontu, mít konkrétní plán pro časové úseky mezi schůzkami a motivaci se dohodnutého plánu držet.
Ing. Cristina Procházková Illinitchi, Ph.D., odborná asistentka na Fakultě mezinárodních vztahů VŠE

Cristina Procházková
Robert Ludgate

One of the best people coaches I had the pleasure to work with. He is a genuinely interested coach and believes in those he is working with.
Robert Ludgate Bioeconomy Researcher, Ireland

Lidský a empatický přístup. Možná spolu nezměníte svět, ale jak řekl Max Planck, "Když změníte způsob, jakým se na věci díváte, změní se i věci, na které se díváte." Díky!
Ing. Jan Martin Rolenc, Ph.D., odborný asistent na Fakultě mezinárodních vztahů VŠE

Jan Martin Rolenc

Když jsem házela flintu do žita, tak jsi mě nakopnul tím, že jsi mi pomohl udělat časový rámec a seznam toho, co mi k odevzdání dizertace zbývá. Viděla jsem pak, že když tomu ještě něco obětuji, tak budu brzy „svobodná“.
Mgr. Lenka Scheithauerová, doktorandka na Pedagogické fakultě Univerzity Karlovy

I attended Jan's coaching sessions, team-building workshops and ice-breaking exercises as part of the Climate-KIC Climate Leadership Journey (CLJ) Summer School in Prague between 18-30 of July 2022. Jan brought a great sense of empathy, calmness and professionalism to these aspects of the summer school. He is an excellent communicator and effectively brought the group (40 or so people) along with him, guiding them into and through the process, and allaying any concerns that we had. I would highly recommend Jan for similar exercises with any group, big or small.
Sean Shanager, Cultural Studies, Ballyfermot College of Further Education

Sean Shanagher

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Wonderful instructor. My favorite class!! Thankful I was able to be apart of it.

This was my favorite class this semester!

Loved the class and the professor!!!

Professor Jan Fronek is a wonderful professor who I learned a lot of life skills from, thank you!

The professor was accommodating to every student. Every class was great and enjoyable.

Jan is a really great teacher as well as listener

Jan is a really nice, insightful teacher who made me think and be aware in areas I never really thought about before.

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Jesse James Owusu (JUNIA ISA Lille, Faculty of Health and Environment)

The group coaching in particular has been profoundly helpful to me. It helped see myself more clearly in terms of actions and the role I play in the global systems thinking perspective. The coaching sessions have also been useful in connecting my “normal life" and "work life”. In addition to these, I was impressed by the contribution of everyone during each session as it made me appreciate things from their perspectives.

As the programme come to end, the skills I am taking away include communication, work-life balance, resilience and collaboration. I have learnt how to effectively communicate in teams and groups. Moreover, I have adopted a new planning activity that helps me in balancing my work and normal life. Furthermore, I have learnt to more resilient in my dealings as I was inspired by some of the things that were shared by my team mates and then how to collaborate and work together with different people playing different roles and coming from different backgrounds.

In conclusion, I always thought that it would be nice if there was an overnight fix to professional and personal growth however coaching is a powerful tool that gradually does the “fixing”. I benefited immensely from our coaching sessions and this was majorly due to you, our most able coach so thank you very much, Jan!

Barbora Ansorge (Česká zemědělská univerzita, Provozně ekonomická fakulta)

Thank you very much for your energy and time you put into the preparations and conversations with us. When there was something happening or when I wasn’t sure I knew that I can always reach out and that is a very important point for me.
Our personal coaching really helped me to get the energy back or to keep it flowing. It helped me also on a personal level and you gave me some interesting book tips for my own personal growth in the last couple of months.

Humaira Khaliq (VŠCHT, Fakulta potravinářské a biochemické technologie)

Thank you sooo much for being such a supportive coach throughout. It was always a healthy reminder that I have to track my commitments being a climate change ambassador and have to proceed in that phase.
Listening from fellows always felt like motivation and I always judged myself that where I am standing in the journey and what should be my pace.

After coaching sessions in-groups my believes in group discussions are getting stronger which was never the case before at least for me. So In the future I am going to implement it in my future life in different aspects because it inspires me now to discuss my thoughts with a person/coach who can give me back some healthy comments which keeps me motivated.

I would say that it was my good luck that I got a quite patient Coach that made it quite easier to proceed the journey despite of the fact that I am a mother of two toddlers. I highly acknowledge all the support offered in this regard.

Marojahan Simangungsong (Università di Bologna, Low carbon technologies and sustainable chemistry)

I got new insights, many new friends from different countries, different cultures, and different fields of study, great people who have the same goal as me.
Group coaching helped me encourage myself to be more confident, and also helped with with networking.
First of all, thank you Coach Jan Fronek for everything. I can say that you're an example. I learned a lot from your personality. Group Coaching calls were very useful for me. It wasn't only an experience, but it was also a plus in my life. I got many new insights that i can apply in my country in the future. Thank you again, it was so precious to me.

Adéla Foglarová (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology)
Being a part of a group of like-minded people helped me stay motivated and positive, especially because in my social bubble people don't really care about the environment. It was also great to hear other ideas and experiences. The world is full of wonderful people and it makes sense to try to change things.

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